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Discover why you should become a LifeTech Labs ® partner distributor today. The smartest choice to boost and guarantee your business over the next 10 years.

Distribution of LifeTech Labs®products is to be sure to work with one of the most modern and innovative laboratories in the market.

Distribution ofLifeTech Labs®products is to ride on the revolution train of peptides and HGH, the e-commerce market which is the most dynamic and the most profitable.

At the office, at home, abroad or on the beach…! Thanks to LifeTech Dashboard™andLifeTech Optimized Mobile System™, it has never been this easy to distribute a brand!

LifeTech IT Drop™ reinvents modern ways of distribution and offers a unique and revolutionary delivering system in the world.

Discover our 10 competitive advantages of internally advanced development byLifeTech Labs®specifically and exclusively reserved to the success of our distributors.

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LifeTech Vision: How to convert a brilliant innovation into a commercial success.

Innovation and technology are the keys to sustainable development. Our vision is to overturn the inventions of modern biotechnology to revolutionize and diversify medicine today. LifeTech Labs® conceptualizes the progress of science in order to make them accessible
to as many people and thereby developing a better future for the population of the world. We work constantly to ensure that this vision becomes today’s reality

You are working with a company focused on the future.


LifeTech High-tech Lab: Dynamic workplace culture “Made in Hong Kong”

Based in one of the world’s most modern technological hubs,LifeTech Labs®is an ultra-modern laboratory at the forefront of technology with its own pole Research & Development and its own pole Marketing & Customers Care department. In the heart of “Science & Technology Park” of Hong Kong,LifeTech Labs®, stimulated by the Hong Kong government, enjoys the infrastructure of three competitive clusters:

– The Science Park which includes all biotechnology, nanotechnology, Green Technology and advanced TeleTechnology.
– The InnoCenter which unites all the businesses related to innovative conception.
– The Industrial Estate brings together three areas of industrial production of high skilled.

You work with one of the most complete and competitive infrastructures in the world.


LifeTech User thinking: How to convert Biotechnology to simplicity.

In our pole Research & Development we think like the user, we search for the user, we innovate for the user, we create for the user! We believe that we must make the technology available with ease-of-use to as many people as possible.
We’re on a single common concept in all our product lines.

1 box = 1 precise goal = 1 month of therapy.

You distribute simple to use and easy to sell products


LifeTech Awarded: We are recognized as a leader in the biotechnology industry.

Best Innovative concept in 2013 for the “modernization of medicine and health products,” this award is the highest honor granted that a laboratory can receive. Our range Biosynergy® is the culmination of a huge community service and the assurance of guaranteed commercial success.
This Award provides us significant media exposure and generates an extraordinary natural demand where you are going to benefit.
The customers come to you naturally.


LifeTech Anti-Fake™: Our responsibility is to protect you.

LifeTech Labs® is more than a guarantee, it’s an immutable quality contract. Our
LifeTech Anti-fake™ system developed in-house is infallible and allows the user to ensure that our products are original.

We offer a modern interface to test the authenticity of the serial numbers which are on all our boxes.

Fighting against counterfeiting is a priority for us, we are active to preserve the health of our users.

Your Customers are protected.


LifeTech Dashboard™: Piloting new generation of businesses created for performance.

Data, visibility, simplicity, analysis, action… are just some of the benefits that are provided by this revolutionary environment. On this ultra-intuitive 2.0 platform, you ask for your customers data and you will get immediate answers thanks to
LifeTech Report™
With this interface you can, track your orders, recharge your account, upload catalogs and asking questions with LifeTech Elite Care™ has never been easier. Thanks to the solution with LifeTech Optimized® Mobile System , your management platform is 100% active in order to be accessible anywhere, anytime.
More performance with simple and ergonomic management

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