Slack Coming on

We’re delighted to announce that we’re going to join those sites adopting Slack.

Try Slack Now!

No doubt you’ve already heard of it, but just in case:

What is Slack?

Slack is a multi-platform communication model of a new type, compatible with Windows, Android, IOS and browsers.

How does Slack work?

There’s not involved sign-up procedure. Simply enter your email, and we send you an invitation and you’re up and running. We can chat.

It’s so powerful!

Once you’ve clicked on our invitation link, you’ll be directed to the Slack platform. You’ll see differently themed discussions.
Once on Slack, it’s possible to share videos, images, photos and documents in any format.
Slack has a LIKE function just like Facebook, and also supports hashtags.

Conversations are archived and can be retrieved easily from the search box.

Because every client is a member of our team.

Traditional support by electronic email inevitably means delays and long waiting times.

It’s a hundred times more pleasant than email.

That’s why we’ve chosen to add Slack to extend our traditional tools, because fast response times are our priority.

Real-time communication is the goal these days, making Slack a natural choice for this role.

Slack makes working with us just that little bit easier.

Try Slack Now!